Welcome to the 2014 Abu Dhabi: Defining Standards Conference

  • Abu Dhabi is rapidly expanding to encompass a global vision. With over 100,000 businesses registered in the past few years, and hundreds of new buildings and hotels constructed, the emirate is increasingly opening its door to new markets and customers. In order for the emirate to succeed in the global arena, it must adopt and reflect world-class standards across diverse and vital sectors – be it healthcare, ICT or building infrastructure.

    Abu Dhabi plays host from Nov 15th to 20th 2014 to ISO/IEC JTC1, a global IT standards committee bringing together eminent IT standards representatives to agree on protocols and standards to create the framework for the future.

    On November 19th there will be an all-day event, Abu Dhabi: Defining Standards, which will bring together these senior international figures with UAE experts who will explain the issues and ideas currently getting the most attention in the region.




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    Welcome to the 2014 Abu Dhabi: Defining Standards Conference

    United Arab Emirates , Abu Dhabi·November 19, 2014

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