Ahmed M. Al-Mutairi

    • Ahmed M. Al-Mutairi's details
      • Country: United Arab Emirates
      • Region: Abu Dhabi
      • Title: Director of Technical Services
      • Company: GSO

    Ahmed M. Al-Mutairi works for the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) as Director of the Technical Services Department and also oversees media and awareness in GSO. He is a member of many committees such as the GSO Strategy Management Steering Committee and the Executive Committee for Managing Strategic Plan Execution. He is the Chairman of the Information Centers Steering Committee in GCC Member States.

    Ahmed has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Postgraduate Diploma in E-Government and E-Commerce. He has many certifications such as Certified IT Manager, Certified KPI Professional, and Certified Institutional Manager.
    He has experience in managing projects in the fields of Information Technology, Media and Awareness in GSO, and others.

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