Anas Eltahir

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    • Anas Eltahir's details
      • Country: United Arab Emirates
      • Region: Dubai
      • Title: Information Security Specialist
      • Company: The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department

    Mr. Altahir is an IT consultant with a highly diverse skillset and experience background.

    Upon graduation from University in Sudan in 1999, he immediately began working as a lab assistant and instructor.

    Having honed his skills in a wide range of programs through teaching others and himself, Mr. Altahir then began a career in business when he began working for Dubai Media in 2006 as a systems administrator.

    Over eight years, he worked in the government sector and developed both his technical and management skills, eventually leaving to become a freelance trainer, auditor, and consultant.

    With a highly diverse skillset and a proficiency in many different programs, Mr. Altahir (who now works again in the Dubai public sector), brings a proficiency and wide-ranging breadth of ability to the Defining Standards event.