Dr. Yongjin Kim

    •   Dr.-Yongjin-KIM
    • Dr. Yongjin Kim's details
      • Country: South Korea
      • Title: CTO/Executive Vice president
      • Company: MODACOM

    Dr. Yongjin Kim is an accomplished ICT professional with more than 30 year work experience in ETRI and MODACOM for network infrastructure, mobile communications, and sensor networks/M2M/IoT.

    He has been a concurrent Professor at KAIST in 2002 and at Yonsei University during 2006 ~ 2008. As the result of his research he has published more than 160 papers and 60 patents for communications and sensor networks/M2M/IoT. He has been awarded a medal of honor of industry in 2011 from Korea government for his excellence in the field of standardization. Now, he is the Convenor of ISO/IEC JTC1/WG 7 for the standardization of sensor networks since 2009.

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