LT Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al-Shimmari

    •   LT.COL.  Faisal Mohammed Al Shamari
    • LT Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al-Shimmari's details
      • Country: United Arab Emirates
      • Region: Abu Dhabi
      • Title: Chief Information Security Officer
      • Company: Abu Dhabi Police GHQ

    Faisal Joined the Abu Dhabi Police in 1994, and has served in a number of locations and positions. He benefited from the Ministry Of Interior visionary and capacity building programs, he had a secondary school degree when he joined the force, and during his service he graduated from the UAE University with a bachelor degree in computer Science, and he holds two MSc Degrees, Master of Applied Sciences – Information Security from RMIT University, Australia and Master of IT– with focus on Cyber Security from Zayed University, UAE.
    • Studies and Technical Affairs Branch Manager, Abu Dhabi Police GHQ (2007-2008).
    • He is a Member of the Abu Dhabi Police Quality and Excellence Team where he developed the IT policy and the IT resources management methodology. His work with others on the committee won the Abu Dhabi Excellence Award for the IT projects sub-category, for Abu Dhabi Police.
    • Chief of Staff, Central Operations General Directorate (2008-2012).
    • Official Media spokesman, Abu Dhabi Police, Central Operations General Directorate (2009-Present). Official spokesperson for Abu Dhabi Police for operational, crisis issues and counter terrorism for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as well as managing the media and official communication during major events.
    • Formula1 Higher Security Committee for Abu Dhabi “HSC” -Official Media spokesman (2009-Present).
    • International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) & World Future Energy Summit Higher Security Committee – Official Media spokesman, the Head of the Media Affairs Committee and the Crisis Media Team Leader (2009).
    • Coordinating Officer and Media Representative of the Ministry of Interior, UAE with the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT).
    • a Member and a Rapporteur of the Ministry of Interior Child Protection Executive Committee (2010-2013).
    • The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Abu Dhabi Police GHQ (2010-Present).